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Prince George & The Opal Truck

Your Royal Highnesses Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince George

Welcome to Australia and especially South Australia

It is our great pleasure to have been given the opportunity to prepare a small gift for Prince George showcasing opal from the opal fields of South Australia.

We hope you all will enjoy the gifts of a truck full of opals, and the opal three-charm koala, kangaroo and boomerang pin.

Prince George can admire the truck and pin from afar, till he is older and can play with it.

Perhaps Prince William can enjoy the truck in the meantime and Kate the opal pin.

We hope that the opals in these gifts inspire you to visit the South Australian Opal Fields in the near future.

It will be our and the Australian people’s pleasure to welcome you all again.

With our warmest best wishes, have a truly wonderful time while you are here.

John and Sophia Provatidis

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