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About Us

Industry Awards

Published the official Opal Mining Safety Handbook

Majestic Opals was chosen by the South Australian Government to research and develop Safety measures in the opal fields. This resulted in the production of a Safety In Opal Mining Handbook and video in four languages used by all South Australian miners. The project won a Judges Citation Award in 1999 from the South Australian Resources Industry, and now this Mining Safety Handbook is widely used in the industry.

Inducted into the Coober Pedy Opal Industries' Hall of Fame

John Provatidis was selected to be inducted into the Coober Pedy Hall of fame, as one of the original opal miners, and for his contribution to the Opal Industry.

Industry Membership

Since 1998 - Exporters Club
Since 1996 - Australian American Association
Since 1994 - Asia-Pacific Business Council for Women Inc.
Since 1981 - Australian Gem & Opal Industry Association
Since 2010 - Australian Mined and Australian Made Brand Association

The concept behind Majestic Opals is to give our customers direct access to the people who actually mine the opals.

No high-pressure selling, dubious deals, nor exorbitant markups. Just honest and dedicated service by a family with a genuine desire to offer their treasured opals to customers from all over the world.

How it all began

In 1964, John Provatidis, a migrant from Greece, set off for Coober Pedy in the barren, arid heartland of South Australia, digging with pick and shovel, he learnt the art of mining opal the hard way. But the backbreaking toil also made him appreciate the intricacies of the land he was working; it’s ethereal beauty, peacefulness, harshness, and its riches.

Sophia Provatidis supported her husband throughout the years, as he became a respected miner and wholesaler. Sophia is the driving force that has seen the business expand into cutting and polishing of the raw stones called 'rough' opal by the miners.

The business specializes in Opalised fossils such as shells, snails, starfish and leaves that are regarded as collectors' pieces by astute investors. Sophia has incorporated these exquisite gems into designer jewellery, which finds great appeal with people from all over the world.


The Provatidis Opal Collection is presented to you by the Provatidis family. They have been mining opals and making bespoke opal jewellery for almost 60 years. 

Over their half-century of mining this most precious gemstone with its fiery colors and mysterious lights, John and Sophia Provatidis have become intimately aware of every variation and characteristic.

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A family venture.

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Mining since 1964.

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