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Australian Opals

A 60-year-old collection of rare gem-quality opals 

Majestic Opals presents to you an exclusive collection of gem-quality opals and rare opalised fossils.

The Provatidis family have been mining opals and working with master jewellers to create bespoke opal jewellery for almost 60 years. 

Over their half-century of mining this most precious gemstone with its fiery colours and mysterious lights, John and Sophia Provatidis have become intimately aware of every variation and characteristic.

Visit our showroom and take a look at our collection. 

We can create something special for you or your loved one.

"You haven't seen serious opal until you've seen our opals"

- Sophia Provatidis

Belemnite opal fossil earrings
Red opal, diamond and rose gold ring
Opalised fossil shell and diamond earrings
Boulder opal ring
Solid crystal opal and crystal opal inlay in Greek made setting
Solid crystal opal pendant
Australian opal fossil shell and diamond pendant
Boulder opal, red coral and freshwater pearl necklace
Blue and green crystal opal pendant
Red crystal opal, diamond and rose gold ring

Australian made and Australian owned

Direct from our mines to polished opals to classic one-off pieces - Majestic Opals can help you choose your perfect opal.


Explore our range of exclusive one-of-a-kind opal pieces.

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