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6 Crystal Opals Parcel (4.70 ct)

6 Crystal Opals Parcel (4.70 ct)

The colourful opals in this little parcel are all high domed - perfect for making stunning rings. These little beauties showcase bright and diverse play of colour. They remind us of little galaxies!


To see videos of our opals please check out our Instagram feed, or contact us and we can send you more information.


Price: $2,495 AUD


  • Details

    Ethically mined, cut, and polished Coober Pedy opal.

    Weight: 4.70 carats

    Size: The largest opal is 5 mm wide x 9 mm long x 2 mm high. The smallest opal is 3 mm wide x 7 mm long x 2 mm high. Two opals have a dome height of 3 mm.

    Opal from Coober Pedy, South Australia.