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Opalised Fossil Shell (1.4 ct)

Opalised Fossil Shell (1.4 ct)

This beautiful opalised fossil shell opal was ethically mined by us from Coober Pedy, and cut and polished in-house. It is absolutely stunning, with thorough play of colour showcasing all the colours of the rainbow.


Around 120 - 100 million years ago, Coober Pedy used to be an inland sea, during the time when dinosaurs roamed the Earth. Within this sea were all kinds of marine animals including marine reptiles, clams, turtles, fish and sea snails, among other creatures. This specimen is half of a bivalve cockle shell that lived in this ancient sea.


Opal photographed in natural light.


To see videos of our opals please check out our instagram, or contact us and we can send you more information.


Price: $695 AUD